Flammin Hot Cheetos!!!! I have a love/hate relationship with these devils. You really can’t stop eating them. Then they burn in your stomach for hours. I was searching articles for them on Google, in hopes of finding a suitable cure for this stomach fire. You can find answers to almost anything on the internet, if you look hard enough. In my searching, I came across multiple articles about Cheetos and poop. Apparently, Flammin Hot Cheetos are available for purchase in schools. After gorging on Cheetos some kids went home, digested, and then proceeded to have red poop. Concerned of their red poop and presumably the fiery passing of such a  spicy food, these kids told their mothers that there was blood in their poop. Obviously concerned, moms were rushing their kids to the hospital seeking medical attention and answers to this mysterious occurrence. Turns out the red die in the Cheetos colored these unfortunate kids stool red.

And that, my friends, is what the internet taught me today.





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15 responses to “#53

  1. Mark Brown

    Now I want some Cheetos.

  2. Jane

    Thanks for the tip. I will never buy red hot cheetos. Good to get a blog from you. Hopw to see you at Thanksgiving. j-jane

  3. mom

    Reminds me of the book passed around at Christmas White Elephant Game. Poopology – very informative.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m waiting for your next message. g-jane

  5. Anonymous

    Still waiting for your next funny blog. g-jane

  6. Anonymous

    How many ways can I serve wheat berries? I still have one more day left-overs.

  7. Anonymous

    Yes, I like o eat.

  8. Anonymous

    ‘Sorry you had to work on the weekend. I missed you!!!\g-jane

  9. Anonymous

    I said thanks, but didn’t know how good the tea really was. yum good,\

  10. Anonymous

    What is the difference between potato chips and Pringles?

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