Today was officially my last day of classes… Ever. That is, until I decide to go back to grad school. I definitely feel like I had a unique college experience. The college that I was in is the smallest on campus (around 300 students total). This means that I got to know people very well, considering I’ve had the same 20 people in all of my classes since I was a sophomore. I love school and will miss it. Here are a couple of things I have learned in my college experiences.

There is a crack in front of the Alpha Chi Omega house that everyone trips on. It took me over a semester to stop tripping on it.

If you want to play ping pong there are many places to go. The institute, the TSC, the dorms, and the HYPR.

Always take a PE class.

Joining clubs and student council is stressful but fun.

Some professors are straight up crazy and think that this symbol: @    looks like a cat in a basket with a tail wrapped around its head.

The best bathroom on campus in on the 2nd floor of the library in the southwest corner.

Just because a class is easy, doesn’t mean it’s fun.

When I was saying goodbye to my department head the other day, I was voicing my concerns about graduating. He said he felt the same way when he was graduating. He left me with this gem of a quote. “Sometimes the light at the end of a tunnel is from an oncoming train.”  Hopefully, I can handle it.



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3 responses to “#44

  1. You will do great college grad!

    Love Dad

  2. So very, very, very proud of you! Those gems of knowledge are often the ones that get you through the rough times and make things fun.
    Love you,

  3. Jane

    You are the best. I loved your list of “things learned” all very important, especially the location of the best restroom. Keep going and always remember to have fun.

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