Blogging is hard for a single person that works full time. I don’t really take pictures, so I can’t post those.

Recently, I have begun to notice that I spend a lot of time at work.  It is really beginning to show that I work in an office environment. We have way too many inside jokes that revolve around internet memes, Youtube videos and other internet sensations.  I catch myself saying something that a work colleague might find hilarious, but normal people wont necessarily understand.  Phrases such as, “Mices have wee-wees?”, “You’re the one who chokes on water” and “If Madonna married a real giant, that’d be good” 10 points if you can tell me where those are from.

In conclusion, here are some things we find funny. I totally understand if you don’t



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  1. Anonymous

    Love your blogs. Don’t know where the comments are from.

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