I am sick of mustaches! Everywhere you look, mustaches! You know how it used to be, “Put a bird on it” that’ll make it look cool. Now it’s mustaches. Let’s face it, the majority of men tend to look creepy sporting lip caterpillars. Why would you think this creepy thing would look adorable on birthday invitations, bags, fingernails, cups, rings, and wall-hangings?! Can’t wait to see what the next big thing will be…

They belong on faces people! Not on every single object that can fit one!



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3 responses to “#50

  1. mom

    If you use your imagination, they do kinda look like birds….

  2. Megan Brandley

    yeah. i hate it. i read something where the mustache thing started out as prostate cancer awareness. mmmm. now why would i want mustaches on everything i own. amen sister!

  3. Jane Laird

    Where has Rachel gone?????????????????Has she quite blogging or am I not on the right page?

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