I got a haircut today. Huzzah!



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This is where I was today for work.

It was all of the outdoor brands in one place. Imagine shopping for 8 hours, but for a company instead of yourself. Even though I hate shopping, it was still pretty cool to see all of the new products. I also got a free pair of socks! And a coupon for 80% off retail price of a wool sweater/jacket. Regularly $150.00. So I got it for $32.00 Bonus!

This was my purchase

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Today was officially my last day of classes… Ever. That is, until I decide to go back to grad school. I definitely feel like I had a unique college experience. The college that I was in is the smallest on campus (around 300 students total). This means that I got to know people very well, considering I’ve had the same 20 people in all of my classes since I was a sophomore. I love school and will miss it. Here are a couple of things I have learned in my college experiences.

There is a crack in front of the Alpha Chi Omega house that everyone trips on. It took me over a semester to stop tripping on it.

If you want to play ping pong there are many places to go. The institute, the TSC, the dorms, and the HYPR.

Always take a PE class.

Joining clubs and student council is stressful but fun.

Some professors are straight up crazy and think that this symbol: @    looks like a cat in a basket with a tail wrapped around its head.

The best bathroom on campus in on the 2nd floor of the library in the southwest corner.

Just because a class is easy, doesn’t mean it’s fun.

When I was saying goodbye to my department head the other day, I was voicing my concerns about graduating. He said he felt the same way when he was graduating. He left me with this gem of a quote. “Sometimes the light at the end of a tunnel is from an oncoming train.”  Hopefully, I can handle it.


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People probably wouldn’t think that I’m the obsessive  compulsive type of person. However, I am. It’s getting worse too. However, a friend told me that I only need to worry if it starts interfering with my life. Like I can’t walk into my room unless I’ve clapped five times and flicked the lights on and of three times. I wish that I was obsessive about having a clean room, getting my homework done or something useful like that. However my OCD takes the form of me checking my alarm clock around ten times until I feel comfortable enough about it to go to sleep.  A recent one is the grocery store conveyor belt. I will organize everything until it is satisfactory. Vegetables have to be together, eggs and bread together, cans together and so forth. I don’t like things to be stacked either. When I’m nervous, I’m very careful where I step. I prefer patterns. For example, don’t step on the cracks, only step on the cracks, stay on a certain color, walk on the red curb and counting steps. I also really like to make certain stacks of paper are even. Anyway, there you go.


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So the other day I was writing in my journal about how amazing unproductive life can be. Specifically I wrote, ” Sometimes I like to sit in bed all day, watch Youtube videos and eat soup.” Not ten minutes later my laptop fell on the floor as I reached for the charger. It’s now broken and I can only see about 1/3 of the screen…


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I hiked Naomi Peak this weekend. It was fun, although I got a little burnt (stupid, stupid, stupid). Here are some pictures. The one where I’m crouching down funny is my attempt at mom’s standard photo pose. I haven’t mastered it like she has though.


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Why do people marry people that look like themselves?  It happens all the time. To be honest I think that it is a little creepy. Why would I want to marry somebody that looks like my brother (no offense Tyler). Why not try to switch up the gene pool? I guess they just want to be with themselves I hope this doesn’t happen to me but if it does, at least I know what my kids will look like.



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