People probably wouldn’t think that I’m the obsessive  compulsive type of person. However, I am. It’s getting worse too. However, a friend told me that I only need to worry if it starts interfering with my life. Like I can’t walk into my room unless I’ve clapped five times and flicked the lights on and of three times. I wish that I was obsessive about having a clean room, getting my homework done or something useful like that. However my OCD takes the form of me checking my alarm clock around ten times until I feel comfortable enough about it to go to sleep.  A recent one is the grocery store conveyor belt. I will organize everything until it is satisfactory. Vegetables have to be together, eggs and bread together, cans together and so forth. I don’t like things to be stacked either. When I’m nervous, I’m very careful where I step. I prefer patterns. For example, don’t step on the cracks, only step on the cracks, stay on a certain color, walk on the red curb and counting steps. I also really like to make certain stacks of paper are even. Anyway, there you go.



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  1. Jane

    Placing the groceries on the belt helps the cashier speed things up. Being organized is helpful to not spend too much getting things done. As for the rest use it where helpful.

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