Why do people marry people that look like themselves?  It happens all the time. To be honest I think that it is a little creepy. Why would I want to marry somebody that looks like my brother (no offense Tyler). Why not try to switch up the gene pool? I guess they just want to be with themselves I hope this doesn’t happen to me but if it does, at least I know what my kids will look like.




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7 responses to “#40

  1. Megan Brandley

    har har har…i don’t think dennen and hilary look a like or josh and i or mom and dad what gets even more creepy is when the husband looks just like the dad 🙂 guess everybody is different

  2. Hilary

    A recent couple that got married that look alike are Dani Robison and her husband. Same noses! Yeah, Dennen and I DEFINITELY don’t look alike.

  3. Tyler

    Because your brother is freaking HOT!!!

  4. Hilary

    That’s weird Tyler. I agree it’s like marrying yourself.

  5. Tyler

    True, that was weird. I was just trying to say that I would marry someone who looks like me because I think I’m the bees knees.

    Acutally I don’t think it happens all that often. Really the only way you can get away from it is to marry people that are very different from you. You end up being compaired with the person you marry and the similarities will stick out.

  6. Garth

    Warning….many people end up looking like each other through many grueling years of marriage.

  7. Tyler

    I suppose dad is a little more feminine.

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