I’m always afraid that someone will be hiding behind the shower curtain. I have had this fear ever since I was little. I don’t want people to be in the bathroom with me. Whenever I enter the bathroom and the curtain is closed, I have to open it in order to make sure that there is no creeper hiding behind it.



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5 responses to “#36

  1. Megan Brandley

    yeah. thats scary

  2. Aunt Denise

    For goodness sakes that is one scary shower curtain. Now I’ll be seeing the scene from Psycho all day. BTW this is a fear that hits me in hotel rooms. I always have to open the shower.

  3. Mom

    My oh my, you must watch the movie Psycho.

  4. My question is how did they get a full handprint on a hanging shower curtain. There’s no resistance to a curtain like that so if you did indeed have bloody hands you wouldn’t make an entire palm and five finger print. It would move away from you. That picture is confusing.

  5. g-jane

    You are going to work in the desert this summer. that will be no excuse for not posting a blog. Grandma/pa needs to be keep up to date on your activities.

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