Back to school! For my dress and humanities class we have an assignment to people watch. I am so stoked about this. There is nothing that I love more than watching people. Some may call it creepy, but I think that it is entertaining. I love making up stories about those people. Listening to parts of their conversations and filling in the gaps. All around, great fun. Last year I had a specific bench outside of the student center cafeteria where I would devote about fifteen minutes to a half hour every other day to people watching. I think I will resume my post at that bench in order to fulfill my assignment.

Last night I had a dream that I was magic. I was a great magician that didn’t need a wand. In order to prove to my friends that I was magical. I hung up ties using magic. I also stuck my finger in a bag of grapes in order to multiply the amount that was in the bag. And finally, I turned twigs into AAA batteries. It was great.




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3 responses to “#27

  1. Mom

    I am so proud of your ability to dream great dreams. I also have had magic dreams. I could make sticks come to me.

  2. Aunt Denise

    Overheard at Costco this week. Saw a youngish man (mid 30s) pushing a full cart. He was on the phone when I spotted him.
    Him: I’m just finishing up

    Long silence

    Him: Do you really think that I am unacceptable in what I have on?

    I started to giggle to myself. What did he think the answer was going to be??? No, your clothes are unacceptable- you are fine??

  3. g-jane

    Life is great when you can have fun dreams!!!

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