I’m going to tell about a recent dream. Be prepared, it is weird. So, I was in my backyard with my mother and for some reason our lawn started to flood. There was about a foot of water on the lawn when fish started to squiggle up from the grass. There were thousands of them. And there fish weren’t the happy goldfish type of fish. They were nasty, grey, slimy and resembled eel. They were all squirming around in the water. The water didn’t cover them all the way so you could see them crowded together just flipping around. It was gross. My mother decided that she wanted to kill the fish and the best way to do this was with poisoned fish food. We turned off the water and the fish sank back into the ground. My mom had me go to the other side of the yard to spread the poison. We turned the water back on once I reached the other side. The fish came out again and I spread the poison. But I needed to get back over to the other side of the yard. There was a ladder in the middle of the lawn and I needed to get on it in order to avoid the fish. However, there was a pheasant looking bird guarding the ladder. As I jumped onto the ladder the bird got pissed. It started to attack me. My mom yelled, “Rachel! Use the lamp!” There was suddenly a lamp in my hand, which I proceeded to use to hit the bird with. Then I woke up.



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4 responses to “#26

  1. Megan

    crazy indeed. and ps i figured out how to post on your blog finally….nice

  2. mom

    Pound of you – way to dream like you lineage demands!

  3. mom

    That would be “your” lineage.

  4. garth

    Now your are having dreams like your mother and grandmother 😉

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