Those who know me well know that I always have the hiccups. I don’t have them constantly but maybe one every fifteen minutes or so. It is so natural to me that I don’t even notice them. People who are around me a lot eventually get used to them and don’t notice them either. Whenever I meet new people, they always comment on my hiccups. I get frustrated meeting new people and having everyone wanting to tell me their cure for the hiccups. I try not to be mean in my response to them but sometimes, I can’t help it. If I wanted to know a cure for the hiccups I would ask you! You cannot give me any advice that I haven’t heard before. I guess they don’t know that though.  But usually, I just smile and say, “I’ll keep that in mind.” However, the problem lately is that I don’t notice that I have hiccuped, and when people say,  “I know how to fix those.” I have no idea what they are talking about.



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2 responses to “#24

  1. Hilary

    Mom said that you even hiccoughed as a baby. I’ve actually never noticed that you got them all the time. Who really wants their hiccoughs to go away anyways? They’re like a sneeze, not the greatest, but nothing to complain about either. Actually, I really do like sneezing. I think it feels good.

  2. Mom

    I’m sure I’m guilty of offering a gazillion remedies, but have you tried sticking your finger in an electric socket while standing in a puddle??? Just kiddin’ love U – Mom

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