I’m going to come out and admit it already. I hate the fist bump that comes after the high-five, and just the fist bump in general. I find it so awkward. I already gave you a high-five and now what is this extra thing that you are trying to get out of me? It makes no sense, but I suppose a high-five doesn’t make much sense either. I think the only thing that could make me actually want to do the fist bump was if we were wearing power rings and when our fists hit, sparks of green light would shoot out, and the world would be amazed at our combined powers. I much prefer the high-five over the fist bump. One time, as I was riding to my class up on campus, I spotted my friend Tim riding his bike. We were riding towards each other. He stuck out his hand, as did I and we shared a high-five on bicycles. And that was the best high-five I’ve received to date..


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  1. Hilary

    I totally agree with this! I really like the pictures you chose. They’re funny.

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