I have numerous fears. Some of those fears are logical like the fear of spiders or my fear of jumping to high on the trampoline and getting strangled by the power lines. For the longest time I was terrified to go through a drive through and would always make someone else do it. Now that I am older I have finally started to conquer some of my fears. Don’t worry, I can now order my own fast food. However, one fear that I am not sure I will ever conquer is my fear of mascots. I might be okay with them if I knew who was inside and was positive that they wouldn’t try to interact with me. I hate that. Like when you’re at a play and the actors try to get you involved. Bleh. If I see a mascot, I will try to get as far away as possible. I may even turn around and walk the other direction. Anyway, recently I had a dream that I was walking around campus and there were literally hundreds of mascots running around trying to get me to interact with them. I did a pretty good job avoiding them until a shark got me. Then it took out a giant syringe and gave me a shot. My dream ended there.


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