Last Friday our apartment’s water heater exploded. It was extremely loud and I walked out of my room to see hot water streaming out all over the apartment. Frantically, my roommates tried to call the emergency number for our apartment complex but no one answered. Although I could see the lever that needed to be turned off, I couldn’t reach it and tragically I am not the hero of this story. A neighbor, who wasn’t that helpful, tried to turn off the lever but said that it wouldn’t move. I think he wasn’t trying hard enough. In the meantime the water has spread over all of our living/dining area and started to go into the rooms and bathrooms. The neighbor suggested calling the police. I was looking up the number, but apparently not fast enough, because my roommate called 911. Well to put an end to this story the police showed up and turned off our water.

People came and took out our padding and put in a ton of giant, loud fans. The fans were there until yesterday and the padding has not been replaced yet. I still feel a little bit homeless. Oh! We also have a new roommate that was supposed to move in the day after. We have not seen here yet.


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  1. Hilary

    I can’t believe she called 911, haha! Can’t wait to hear what your new roomie is like.

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