I feel like there is too much pressure in society to be original. Sure I would love to have original thoughts and tastes but I find that in my struggle to become unique, I have become just like everyone else. That being said. Welcome to my blog. I hope you find some interest in my ramblings.

The first thing I would like to talk about is stairs. Recently I have noticed that it is not often I climb a flight of stairs that seems to have the right spacing between the steps. When I walk up stairs I am feeling the general groove of the steps for the first half of the flight. However, there reaches a certain point where my legs habitually feel like taking a bigger steps. This results in me accidentally skipping a step and almost tripping myself. Then the rest of the flight I struggle to feel the groove of the steps once more. This got me to thinking. If I have struggles with the spacing between steps, how do tall people feel? I am sure those steps aren’t pleasing and people who are taller feel like they are taking baby steps.


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